Book #5 Captain Asil
Client: Liza, Lizka, Murz, Azil

Hooray! MiLeTaLi family project gets bigger!

A new book is ready. This time it is a book both for girls and for boys - from 5 to 105 years old.

If you want to receive a published book, we suggest that you join a good deed.
Please help to provide visually impaired and blind children with education materials.
You will get our book, and children will get sets of books customized for them.
HERE you can look at these books and make a donation to purchase them.

We exchange our book for a receipt of cash transfer to the account of this project.
To get a book, you should transfer at least 1 thousand rubles (but we kindly request that you transfer more if you can).
"Comments" field should read "МыЛеТаЛи" (Mi LeTaLi = We flew).

We shall deliver those books directly to kindergarten №3 "Snezhinka" (Snowflake), in Pushkino town, where 38 children with visual problems study,
and their mamas cannot afford buying their children these fairly expensive school books (one set costs 5850 rubles).
We shall post photos on Facebook for you to be happy for these kids.

Please note!
For this money not to get lost, the "Comments" field should read “МыЛеТаЛи” (Mi LeTaLi = We flew)

You can exchange your payment ticket for the book at 46 Zemlyanoi Val st., entrance 2, Moscow (please call entry phone – button 2) any time day or night.

Please comment this post specifying how many books we should save for you.

We shall really appreciate if you repost and recommend this project to your friends; our books will find their readers, and children will receive their school books.
We hope that you will help and enjoy the book!