What is design for me?

Design Challenge

The challenge is akin to a mathematic problem, akin to a detective task.

We are given something, which is the fundamental reality, its modalities and limitations.
We are given a question.
We are given an infinite multitude of methods of solution.

The challenge is to choose the one and only correct answer from that multitude of solutions.
The clearer, the shorter, the firmer that answer is, the better the result is, the more successful a customer’s project will be.

What I am My story

In December 2005, I founded a design studio TAK.DESIGN

The studio focuses on development of logos, and corporate designs, designs of books, booklets, brochures, calendars, creation of posters and postcards, packaging and labels, digital presentations and websites.

I create books for children — you can see and download my books in this section → Mi LeTaLi

I started working in the visual design area as a designer assistant, soon I became a designer, and then — an art director. Now I am building my own design studio


1/ British Higher School of Art and Design → "Type and Typography" course 2/ Summer visiting session on photography in Morocco (Course trainers – Boris Bendikov and Leonid Feigin). This session resulted in photo exhibition "Moroccan Report" in "PhotoTsekh" studio 3/ Typography course by Maxim Zhukov 4/ British Higher School of Art and Design → "Visual Communications" course. Specialization – art director 5/ Summer visiting session on design in Tunisia 6/ Art and graphics department of Moscow State Pedagogical University 7/ Art School of Arts Academy